Prediksi Alur Cerita Naruto 642

Prediksi Alur Cerita Naruto 642

Prediksi Alur Cerita Naruto 642
By Mangapanda1

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[Chapter opens at Obito getting sent flying by Naruto-Sasuke's combined attack ]

Naruto : Yes we did it ! ( smiling )

Sasuke : There is something off about him.

Tobirama : Yea your right kid.

Naruto : Huh ?

( Minato land next to the trio )

Minato : He is letting us hit him deliberately , with his powers he should have no problem taking us down at our current states.

(Obito stop mid-air with the black flames still on him )

Obito : So you've seeing right through my bluff , that's quite like you Sensei ( smirks)

[ Scene change to Kamui dimension ]

( Kakashi is shown with blood dripping out of him )

Kakashi :Arrgh ! *I have no time to worry about my wound , i'm sure that Obito isn't dead , plus there is Madara and the Juubi , i have to go help them ! *

( Kakashi tries to use Kamui but his MS fade away living him with blurred vision )

Kakashi ( shocked ) : What ? *I shouldn't have used the Mangekyou so much * ( punches the floor ) * but anyway i'm not completely blind yet , i have to rest before using it one last time * Sorry Naruto you have to hold on until i recover a little .

[ Scene change to normal world ]

Minato : Obito why are you doing this ? what happened to you ?

( Obito absorb the black flames and looks unharmed )

Obito: Sensei stop acting dumb , you know full well that you're the one responsible for what happened to us, team Minato !
Where were you when i supposedly died ? it was me who saved my teammates , where were you when Kakashi went to save Rin ? again its me who saved that trash , but at the cost of Rin's life.

( Minato both shocked and sad ) : I know that i failed you all as a teacher , but even then i'm the one to blame not
this world and besides wasn't your goal to become Hokage ?

Naruto/Sasuke : * Him too ! * ( both shocked )

Obito : Hokage ? hahahaha , you should know that titles don't mean nothing in this cursed world.

Tobirama/Minato : ?!

Obito : Look at yourself , you so called Hokage , what did you accomplish in your lives ? absolutely nothing but pure failure. me on the other hand have been working in the shadows for the perfect solution for this rotten world , Infinite Tsukuyomi !

Tobirama : I see that Madara completely brainwashed you kid.

Obito: Hehehe ,as if some one like you will understand a thing , we may not be good friends but he was the one that saved my life and opened my eyes on the truth of this world.

Naruto : I don't exactly understand what happened between you , my dad and Kakashi Sensei but i'll never let you end this world ! ( Enter Bijuu mode )

Prediksi Alur Cerita Naruto 642

Sasuke : Same here ,i will not allow you to end this world and make my brother sacrifice be vain ! ( Enter final Susanoo )

Minato (smiles ) : * Naruto if only Jiraya Sensei was here to see how much you've grown.. * Obito i guess i have no choice but to take you down my old student. ( hold marked Kunai and glare at Obito )

Tobirama ( blue marks start to form around his eyes ) : I may not know you , but if you want to end this world you have to beat me first ! ( glare at Obito ).

( Hiruzen land next to Tobirama and co ) : Its a shame that you the hero of the Sharingan have turned like this ( Marks like Jiraya's SM form around Hiruzen's eyes ) I'm gonna take you down !

Obito ( glare at all of them ) : Well then let's end this !

- End-

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