Prediksi Alur Cerita Naruto 643

Prediksi Alur Cerita Naruto 643

Cerita Naruto 643

** Thoughts

[Chapter opens at Obito crushing into the ground ]

( Tobirama and Naruto are shown smiling )

[Scene changes to Minato's conscious ]

Minato : Do you really think that Kyuubi ?

Yin Kurama : As if i would be telling jokes at such crucial time , while you were able to defeat me in that weird dimension you were sealed in , your son on the other hand manages to become friend with my other half and got a step further than you, the rest is up to you , you know what to do.

Minato ( smiles ) : That was my intention since the moment i was revived , lets do it !

Prediksi Alur Cerita Naruto 643

[Scene changes back to the battlefield ]

( Tobirama and Naruto land before Minato and co )

Sasuke : The same as Kabuto huh ? you really have gotten strong Naruto. ( smiles )

Naruto ( Shocked then smiles ) : * You finally acknowledged me Sasuke. *

Tobirama : Don't get carried away boys , we may have discovered a weakness but the party is not over yet , i can still sense his Chakra.

Minato : I'm really proud of you Naruto , but words aren't enough , i have a gift for you.

Naruto : Thanks dad , but i don't think that its the appropriate time for a gift.

Minato : Its not a simple gift , i'm going to give you the other half of the Kyuubi , come with me !

Naruto ( Shocked ).

( Dust clears , and Obito is shown unharmed , then his MS activate )

Minato : Sasuke-kun , Tobirama-san !

Sasuke/Tobirama : Yea we know , just go.

Naruto : Sasuke , old man Nidaime , he can't use his intangibility jutsu for more than 5 minutes, please be careful guys.

Tobirama : Don't worry kid.

Sasuke (smiles without looking at Naruto ) : I don't intend to die before i become Hokage.

Naruto ( Shocked , remember himself then smiles ) : Well then good luck guys.

(Minato and Naruto teleport back to SA )

Tobirama : Well then Uchiha kid , do you have any plan ?

Sasuke : I have but it would be nearly impossible if we are just the two of us.

(Hiruzen land before Tobirama and Sasuke )

Hiruzen : What's your plan Sasuke ?

Sasuke : I need the two of you to distract him while i strike him down with my most powerful Jutsu , but i don't want him to dodge the hit , so Nidaime i need you to put a seal on him that neutralize him even for half a second , a full second would be enough for me.

Tobirama : Got it kid , Saru let's go !

Hiruzen : Yes !

( Sasuke summon a Hawk with his left hand and flies into the sky then start firing 8 Goryuka at various place in the sky )

Sasuke : * With this and the Enton from earlier , it should be a lot stronger than last time *

Hiruzen : Katon Gouka Mekkyaku !

Obito : pointless.

( Obito blocks it with his 4 elements matter )

[ Lightning clouds start to form in the sky and it start to rain ]

Tobirama :* That Uchiha brat is a lightning style user too , i know what he's up to * : Suiton : Suiro no Jutsu !

Obito : You think you can trap me in such a weak jutsu ? pathe.... *What ? i can't move and i fell like i'm being crushed ! *

( A water clone of Tobirama emerges from the water prison )

Tobirama : My water style is special , i can manipulate the pressure at my will.

( Puts a seal on Obito )

Tobirama : Kid its your move !

( A massive Kirin appears )

Sasuke : Disappear with the thunder !

( A huge explosion occurs )

- End -

Thanks To Credit : Dora Ding

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